Forest Restoration Training

Participants from KU, SKU, and SU joined the workshop "Establishing and Managing a Forest Restoration Teaching and Research Program" 7 – 10 November 2022. The programme was very diverse:

  • Lecture at Doi Suthep Nature Center (DSNC), Faculty of Science, Chiang Mai University, on various topics ranging from Defining forest ecosystem restoration, Forest degradation and succession, Costs and benefits of forest restoration, Establishing and managing a FORRU, Voucher specimens, Seed supply and seed banking.
  • Visit an onsite seed bank at DSNC and a nursery off CMU campus,
  • Field trip to Doi Suthep mountains. The mountain is conveniently adjacent to the CMU campus. The field activities included Observations of deciduous and evergreen forests, with some discussions about challenges restoring them when degraded, Tree phenology, Nature trail transvering and visiting Doi Suthep summit, and Seed and herbarium specimen collections at FORRU's nursery on the mountain. The field activities included Things about seeds (extraction, treatments, germination experiments, data collection, and analysing results), Potting and seedling growth experiments, Tree care in nurseries, Cuttings and wildings, and Production scheduling.
  • Field trip to Ban Mae Sa Mai. The field activities included Monitoring early forest restoration (ground survey, data collection and analysis, and using of drones).
  • Lectures and a discussion at Doi Suthep Nature Center (DSNC). The lecture and discussion topics included continuation of yesterday’s lectures on Managing information and selecting species, Managing logistics of restoration projects, FORRU’s education and outreach programs, and Social aspects of forest restoration. A demonstration of FORRU database was also included.

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