Mid-term Management Meeting

The mid-term management meeting takes place in Prague between 14 and 16 June 2022. The agenda is as follows

Tuesday, 14 June 2022
9.15-9.30 Welcoming and group photo, CZUP/UH
9.30-10.00 Opening words by each partner representative
10.00-10.30 Project overview and summary of completed activities (UH)
10.30-10.45 Coffee break (organized by CZUP)
10.45-12.00 Report of completed project activities including implementation costs (coordinators all HEIs)

12.00-13.00 Lunch (CZUP cafeteria) (self-paid)


13.00-13.45 Matching HEI’s working session on future activities (timing, topics, risk management, etc)

13.45-14.00 Presentation of matching HEIs on future activities

14.00-14.20 Coffee break (organized by CZUP)

14.20-14.45 Midterm EU report –lessons from previous project-  (UH/AM)

14.45-15.15 Summary of the day and open discussion (UH)

Evening program/free event/dinner (self-paid)


Wednesday, 15 June 2022

9.15-10.30 Information about the mid-term financial report (UH/AM)

10.30-10.45 Coffee break (organized by CZUP)

10.30-12.00 Inventory of existing and missing documentation for financial report (each coordinator of partner HEIs)


12.00-13.00 Lunch (CZUP cafeteria) (self-paid)


13.00-14.00 Inventory of existing and missing documentation for written report (coordinators all HEIs)

14.00-14.20 Coffee break (organized by CZUP)

14.20-14.50 Review timetable for completion of mid-term EU report (UH/AM)

14.50-15.15 Summary of the day and open discussion (KU)

17.00 Official dinner (organized by CZUP)


Thursday, 16 June 2020

9.15-10.15 Online meeting with EU project officer

10.15-10.30 Coffee break (organized by CZUP)

10.30-11.15 Discussion on dissemination & exploitation activities and video interviews (CZUP/CMU/SU)

 11.15-12.00 Feedback and closing remarks (coordinators all HEIs)

12.00-13.00 Lunch (CZUP cafeteria) (self-paid)

Afternoon program/free event/departure for home country

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