Sustainable Forest Management and Bio-economy

The FRAME training entitled The Role HEI in Sustainable Forest Management and Bio-economy took place in Bangkok, 2/11– 2/12/2022. The event was jointly organized by KU and CZU. The training program was very diverse. The Participants from FRAME partners, CMU (Thailand) and SKU and SU of Lao PDR

  • visited the Donslap-Laokhaun plantation of the Forest Industry Organization (FIO). Successful and unsuccessful attempts at sustainable forest management in Thailand were discussed.
  • participated in workshop of Sustainable Forest Management of the private sector in Thailand (SCGP company). SCG is a reputable company that implements FSC standards for sustainable forest management in Thailand.
  • visited the Siam Forestry Plantation certified by Forest Stewartship Council-Forest Management and Wangsala Pulp Mill of SCGP (Siam Cement Group Packaging) certified by Forest Stewartship Council-Chain of Custody Certification (FSC-COC).
  • participated in the Workshop on Forest Biogeography, listened to the on-line presentation of Dr. Nicholas Hogarth from Zambia on "Perspective of Forestry Education in the Asia-Pacific and Opportunities for Lifelong Learning Development" followed by a group discussion related,
  • joined the discussion session on Identifying gaps in knowledge, skills, attitude, and competences, related to Bioeconomy and Sustainable Forest Management. The participants then identified potential activities possibly performed in the last year of the FRAME project, which will be ended in November, 2023.

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